Why not to have an official Off-Season….

Spring is in the air..  birds are beginning to chirp.. trees are starting to bud.. and the influx of competitors has begun. Prep season is here.  Performax is flooded by bodybuilders, classic/physique guys, bikini and figure division girls trying to balance wellness vs figure/ bikini competitors and women’s bodybuilding oh my.. Most come in with tight muscles, soft tissue adhesion, and restricted mobility galore. Why you may ask?? Let me tell you…

In the off-season a competitors diet switches from a deficit to a surplus in the attempt to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible. As their fuel increases, so does their ability to push heavier weights. As you could imagine, improved strength leads to muscle growth. This is where things go astray. We grow our muscles by creating micro-tears in the fibers, these fibers then heal in a hypertrophied state (GAINS). Unfortunately, the fibers don’t always heal in the right linear orientation. This leads to adhesion formation in the muscles (that grainy feeling/sound that you feel when I blade you). Restricted mobility is also a byproduct of off-season training without proper care like the absence of offseason physical therapy. Regular stretching and ROM work is imperative during growth phase. If you are able to use heavy weight while maintaining full movement pathways you can achieve maximum muscle fiber stimulation.

You may be asking yourself..in the wellness division of muscle development, how can this be prevented??

So the answer is simple… DO NOT WAIT FOR PREP TO START TO MAINTAIN YOUR BODY or develop your sport specific skills for off season sports to maintain sports performance and positive health. If you come in for regular treatments throughout your off-season we can help prevent these nasty adhesion’s that limit growth and muscle separation. Most competitors wait until prep starts to begin treatments. Does this make sense? Why try to fix the off-season adhesion’s while calories are cut, cardio is increased, and the body is under enormous stress. My suggestion is this… REGULAR MAINTENANCE.

I believe that weekly or bi-weekly treatments in the off-season growth phase fitness division is an integral part of increased mass and overall muscular health. Let me help you build lean healthy muscles without adhesion’s. This will avoid the dreaded torture sessions during prep. With proper diet, training, and treatments you can maximize your physique. Team Performax is proud of all of our competitors and will work endlessly to help them achieve center stage.