My Journey with Fitness & Health

I have been training at various gyms over my athletic life. I have been fat, skinny, and I have even stepped on stage in several NPC bodybuilding contests. Throughout the many versions of myself I always kept a clear cut goal to focus on. I would always prioritize my training based on the results I was looking for. As I have spent hours and hours at the gym I’ve noticed the same group of people doing the same thing over and over again. The common theme of these members is.. No Progress. I often think to myself, why show up and put forth the effort without the results. The answer is clear.. most people don’t train to meet their goals. People spend endless hours on the spin bike, zumba class, or mindlessly lifting weights. 

Why Not Set Goals?

Why? Why not tailor your training to be specifically aimed at your goal. I believe that a well thought out plan involving a blend of cardio, weight training, and diet is essential to meet goals. Could the same people killing themselves in a high-intensity spin class actually benefit from a more balanced program? I believe that exercising for an hour at such a high exertion rate may be hindering fat burning and facilitating muscle loss. These same people could benefit from a steady paced weight training program mixed in with a focused cardio routine. If a healthy and balanced diet is maintained, you just may see a changed body staring back at you in the mirror.

Where Is The Breakdown Between Execution & Results?

In todays high tech world, there has been major advancements in the fitness industry. There is the fitbit, ifit, various garmin and polar products, nike fuel band, and endless apps for your phone. There are endless treadmills, bikes, stepmills, and jacobs ladder’s that people use to sweat off the fat. So how come the country is so overweight? There are so many diet fads that people follow to help them lose weight. IIFYM (if it fits your macros) is a common acronym that an army of dieters follow as they consume foods for poor nutritional sources. While it is true, energy consumed must be less than energy expended, but all calories are not created equal. Dieters should focus on a well balanced diet that includes healthy fats, fruits/vegtables, lean proteins, and whole grain carbs. In order to be successful you must set goals and tailor your exercise and diet programs to them.  Consistency is also key, stick to a plan for a long enough period of time to know if it actually worked or failed.  Good luck achieving all your goals. ~Armand

Armand Diesso, PT

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