Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes. Through our series of sports-focused exercises, we are able to treat almost any injury from any practiced sport. We emphasize the importance of early injury recognition and treatment. Our focus is for a quick and safe return to activities.

The goal of Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness is to treat, rehabilitate, recondition and return the athlete to their prior activity level pre-injury.

* Post-operative injuries – Including, but not limited to, ACL reconstruction, Meniscus tears, Rotator Cuff Repair

* Acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries

* Sprains and strains

* Tendonitis and Bursitis

Let the experts at Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness give you a speedy and painless recovery through a series of programs and exercises:

* Functional activities

* Sports/activity specific exercises and training

* Kinesiotaping/Rock Taping

* Mobility Training

* Modalities

* Manual therapy

* Proprioceptive training

* Dynamic stretching

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